How to Remove Carpet Stains

No matter what kind of safety precaution we do, carpet stains can happen to us once in a while. You’ve set your rules to the kids and everyone in the family so you can maintain the beautiful appearance of your home, but in an instant it gets stained. Most of us panic if this happens, especially if the carpet is white and costly. We reach for the nearest cloth and try to remove the stain. However, you shouldn’t rush into panic decisions like this because you might get the situation even worse!  

You can do many stain removal techniques so it won’t spread and damage the carpet further. We are sharing those techniques with you. It is better to be knowledgeable about these things so you would know what to grab and how to treat the stains.  

Carpet Stains

Removing Pet Stains 

If you have pets on your house, there’s a high change that you’ll pet stains especially if the pets are not trained. It’s frustrating sometimes but we cannot put the blame on the pets, right? Thankfully, there are cleaning methods and substances that you can use for this type of accident. First thing to do is cleaning up the initial mess. Pick up the debris using gloves, dispose them, if the debris is wet, and use the blot method to soak up the moisture. Do not rub or smear. Blot repeatedly until the stain is removed.  

If the stain is already dry, moisten it. Apply a cleaning carpet which is good for pet stains only. If there is a remaining spot and odor, you might need to use different techniques. Use white vinegar; mix with a quart of warm water and then spritz on the remaining stain. Soak for several minutes then blot the stain.  

Removing Kool-Aid Stains 

One of the worst culprits for our wonderful stains is Kool-Aid. But, don’t worry because there are right treatments for this. First, use a dry towel to blot the stain. Do not rub because it will lead to saturation. You can also mix dawn dish soap, white vinegar and water. Spray the stained area and let soak for 10 minutes. After that, blot the area using a dry towel. You can also use some products to clean the stain. You just have to use them according to instructions.  

Removing Coffee Stains 

Taking your coffee to the living room might lead into coffee stain accidents. If you don’t act right away, it will make the carpet look really filthy. The blotting method is always useful in this kind of situation. Never spread the stain. Use a mixture of water, vinegar and non-bleach detergent using the spritzer method. Rinse and repair. There are also products you can use to combat carpet stains, just use accordingly. Wear gloves when you use these chemicals to avoid harming your skin.  

Removing Blood Stains 

Another culprit for your carpet is blood stains. When you see blood stains, make sure you treat them right away. Do not grab warm water; make sure you use cold water. Cold water will prevent the blood from penetrating into the fibers. Use the spritzer method with a mixture of liquid dish detergent, 2 tablespoon of grease-fighting and cold water.  

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How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Home 

Area rugs are quite tricky: the exact one can make your space perfect, while the incorrect one can ruin a room or make it look weird or incomplete. Rugs are quite expensive, and that makes you want to select a rug that fits perfectly to your desire. There are some things that you should keep in mind when you choose the right rug for your home.



The starting point is color. If your space is already filled with a lot of color and pattern, you should cohere with a single color rug. The rug must complement with the existing furnishings in your house. If you desire to obtain a patterned rug with a lot of shades, it is a lot easier to choose it first and augment accessories and furniture that harmonize later.

A rug will be considered as one of the biggest pieces of “furniture” in your home, so it is imperative to consider the color of the floor, walls, and other established touches when choosing. But don’t select if safely: a vivid or dazzlingly pigmented rug can be a used to take your room to another level of beauty.


This is considered as the frequently ignored feature when selecting a rug. A room composed of various textures feels lavish and stratified, and a simple way to achieve this tone is by choosing carefully the texture of your rug. There are more texture designs in carpets than crooked and cut wool.

Let the established touches of your room be your guide, and aspire for contrast. Seating in a comfy textile-like velvet, something polished and hard that looks like sisal might be good, while a glistening leather chair will complement with a lengthy and softer pile.

You should keep in mind about the practicality of cleaning the rug; some textures are easily stained and hard to clean. Some textures require much effort in cleaning, without the proper technique and methods you might not clean well or damage the rug, rug cleaners can be of help if you are not equipped enough to clean, or you are just a little bit busy.

Think of other aspects about choosing your rug texture; you must consider whether old people or those with disabilities, will be in the area. An elevated pile or unattended rag can be prone to tripping.


Keeping in mind the size of the rug is the most important. A rug must fit with the capacity of your seating space and should be as big as possible. All furniture will be on the rug; the thought is that when you sit on a sofa, your feet should not be on the floor but in a rug. In a dining table, you should be able to rearrange the chairs and still be able to have them on top of the rug.

When in the entire room, you should also keep in mind about the location: Square spaces or rooms look magnificent with square or circle rugs, and rectangular spaces or rooms with rectangular shaped rugs facing the same direction.


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Enter The Mind Of A Contractor For Better Home Remodeling

Whether you are partnering up with a professional contractor or you’ve decided you want to do the renovation on your own. It will be helpful to try and think like a contractor so you can get better quality results and the rate of your progress will be a lot quicker. There are a lot of ways you can gain more knowledge, you can read articles about it or you can simply ask questions to your friend or family member who may be a contractor.


Indecisiveness can delay the deadlines of your project and can also create a lot of confusion as well. If you want everything to go smoothly and actually bring it to life, then it is important to take the planning and brainstorming phase seriously. Aside from that, you should also make sure that you only hire a professional home contractor such as You should be able to determine the final plans way before you start the construction phase, you should also determine the costs, and what kind of materials you will use. Any sudden changes in your final plan can increase your projected cost and can lead to a longer construction period.

It will be a big help if you stick to your plans the whole way through, it is inevitable to make minor changes but these won’t have a major effect with your plans. Keep the changes minimal and minor, major changes like the paint or the entire look of your house can lead to greater delay. Even the daily schedule should be followed strictly, if you want to mix up the schedule make sure that it is done and relayed to your workers ahead of time.

Buying materials can be tricky and you may think it is a constant haggling game that you have to play throughout your remodeling stint. The best thing you can do is trust your contractor with his contacts and that he can give you the best possible price. A professional would know whether or not the price is on point or if you are getting played, try to ask for as much help as you can with materials.

Money is the main factor that will get progress going, without finances you won’t be able to buy materials or pay your workers to get working. It is best that you have a separate fund from your main project fund and treat it as a back up. You will never know when emergencies may occur, and if you keep getting money that isn’t part of your budget then you will eventually will run out of funds. This back-up fund will help you stay on track even during a mess, remodelling naturally is expensive so it is best to be financially ready for this.

Allow the workers to work using their own style, sometimes they will not be able to perform accordingly if you are too strict with the way you work. It is best that you try to give them the end in mind and let them be the ones to handle the process. The important thing is that you get what you want in the end and that everything is done perfectly.

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