How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Home 

Area rugs are quite tricky: the exact one can make your space perfect, while the incorrect one can ruin a room or make it look weird or incomplete. Rugs are quite expensive, and that makes you want to select a rug that fits perfectly to your desire. There are some things that you should keep in mind when you choose the right rug for your home.



The starting point is color. If your space is already filled with a lot of color and pattern, you should cohere with a single color rug. The rug must complement with the existing furnishings in your house. If you desire to obtain a patterned rug with a lot of shades, it is a lot easier to choose it first and augment accessories and furniture that harmonize later.

A rug will be considered as one of the biggest pieces of “furniture” in your home, so it is imperative to consider the color of the floor, walls, and other established touches when choosing. But don’t select if safely: a vivid or dazzlingly pigmented rug can be a used to take your room to another level of beauty.


This is considered as the frequently ignored feature when selecting a rug. A room composed of various textures feels lavish and stratified, and a simple way to achieve this tone is by choosing carefully the texture of your rug. There are more texture designs in carpets than crooked and cut wool.

Let the established touches of your room be your guide, and aspire for contrast. Seating in a comfy textile-like velvet, something polished and hard that looks like sisal might be good, while a glistening leather chair will complement with a lengthy and softer pile.

You should keep in mind about the practicality of cleaning the rug; some textures are easily stained and hard to clean. Some textures require much effort in cleaning, without the proper technique and methods you might not clean well or damage the rug, rug cleaners can be of help if you are not equipped enough to clean, or you are just a little bit busy.

Think of other aspects about choosing your rug texture; you must consider whether old people or those with disabilities, will be in the area. An elevated pile or unattended rag can be prone to tripping.


Keeping in mind the size of the rug is the most important. A rug must fit with the capacity of your seating space and should be as big as possible. All furniture will be on the rug; the thought is that when you sit on a sofa, your feet should not be on the floor but in a rug. In a dining table, you should be able to rearrange the chairs and still be able to have them on top of the rug.

When in the entire room, you should also keep in mind about the location: Square spaces or rooms look magnificent with square or circle rugs, and rectangular spaces or rooms with rectangular shaped rugs facing the same direction.


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